about who are we?


An innovative idea deserves to be shared with an audience in a truly unique and creative way. We’re here to join you, from start to finish, to make sure your brand or story comes to life – and amazes its audience.

We create experiences, in any shape or size.

Being designers and creatives we have a special way of looking at our surroundings, which we like to put to use in order to create experiences. We’re curios and critical, and are always looking for new approaches, combinations and norms. We experiment, test, discuss and criticise. This way we can share a fresh perspective on your ideas, and at the same time we will also take care of strong visual and strategic solutions in printed, digital and spatial design.
For us, recurring questions are: How is design interpreted by its audience, how can we play with – and influence – this interpretation, and what interaction does the audience have with the design?

Valuable communication is created by using different media and channels, and in doing so, a personal character and a communicational unity are essential. Welcome to Dutch Design agency The Visual Theatre... where we passionately create strong brands and connect the audience to a variety of stories in unique and sustainable ways.

For more information, questiond and of course ideas, feel free to contact us at design@thevisualtheatre.nl

Emmy van Thiel

Emmy van Thiel

Emmy is a graphic designer who loves focussing on creative concepts and experimenting with the visual image, which often results in surprising, refreshing ideas. Systems and a visual grammar based on the core of the question are very important and make each design unique and tailored. 

Incorporating the dynamics of a continually evolving society is somethings that fascinates me enormously. Experimenting with this and in doing so creating distinctive and contemporary designs with spunk.

Joost de Nooy

Joost is an interaction designer who likes to combine design with creative coding. Coding in its broadest sense that is, since half of the systems are in his head. What fascinates and helps people and how can you ensure something isn't just useful, but also beautiful – or the other way around? 

A lot of people tend to associate coding and interaction design only with websites. What happens if you take a step back? Think about it. Systems, interaction and code are part of your whole concept? Let's make a grand scheme!