Assessments in China

Jul 23, 2019

How do you manage to stay relaxed during an assessment or test?
Especially here in China, assessments are a nerve wrecking activity.
 Since competition is embedded in the Chinese culture,
 students feel almost paralysed during assessment day (not kidding!).
So I feel I have an important task as a teacher here; I want my students to become more self-confident, I want them to be able to not only reflect on their work but also on their process, and most importantly: I want them to have fun, even during assessments.

So we’ve created one big overview of all the books and diaries they made in the past few weeks.
On a table near the entrance, for everyone to see.

It’s not only impressive to see this,
It also makes the students proud of themselves,
And they can see how much they’ve developed their creative thinking skills.


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