Day 1

Give generously. Receive gracefully.


A very very warm welcome to Day 1 of the Creative Confidence Challenge.
I’m super stoked to have you joining me and all the others during this magical week.

In the video below I will give you a short introduction on what to expect and how to start today.

And, most importantly, today I will share the key to happiness according to the Thai monks.
Continue reading below for today’s practice.

Practice now

According to the monks, the ultimate key to happiness is giving.

Everything you give away without expecting anything in return will multiply itself and come back to you sooner or later. The universe takes care of this.
Both the negative things and the positive things.
That’s what they call Karma in Buddhism.

This insight meant so much to me.
For this reason I’m giving you this challenge as a gift to create good vibes and to still make 2020 a wonderful year – despite the weird times we’re living in at the moment.

Today I would like to invite you to be aware of all the things you (already) give in your day to day life.

A smile or a compliment to a person on the street.
A nice dinner that you cook for your loved ones.
A listening ear to your friend or to a client.

Especially at work or for the project that you want to make successful, giving is magic.
By doing so you will create positive vibes. And once they’re there, they’re unstoppable.
People want to be around you.
You will become a magnet for collaborations and cool projects.
Clients become your ambassadors.
And all of this will multiply itself and come back to you in the form of more work, more clients and more money.

Imagine what would happen if you focus all of your beautiful work on giving.
What do you give to people who use your service or product?
How do they benefit from this?
How does this make their lives better?
Can you focus on this even more? Enhance this?

Being fully aware of giving with all your heart makes giving even more powerful.
You will raise your positive vibes and achieve more happiness in giving the things you give.
And again; everything you give multiplies itself and returns to you. Therefore you also have to train yourself to receive gracefully.


“Receiving gracefully is giving others the opportunity to do good as well”


Let me know how you’ve experienced this today in our closed Facebook Group or on Instagram with #creativeconfidencechallenge
Just post it. Maybe you can GIVE someone else the boost they need to start focussing on smaller or maybe even bigger things to give. So let’s all start giving more and make the world a more beautiful place by doing so.


Today’s Kick-Off webinar

What does life in the Monastery look like?
How much did you meditate?
Who are the monks that gave you Dhamma practice (Buddhist teachings)?

This morning we’ve had an awesome kick-off webinar with so many good vibes!!
This is where I’ve answered questions like these (and many others!).

Were you not able to join?
No worries! I’ve recorded the webinar for you so you can watch it over here whenever suits you best 🙂