Day 2

The way you treat yourself influences your ideas and productivity

Think about it.

When you feel good, you feel more alive.
More productive, often also more creative.
You feel like you can conquer the world.
You feel that everything you’ve ever dreamt about is possible and that nothing will stop you.

But then a (small) setback hits you. Hard.
Something you don’t expect or want to happen, suddenly happens.
And in no time you don’t feel as good anymore.
The confidence you just had is gone.
And this doesn’t only influence your mood but it also influences the project you’re working on.

Day 2 of The Creative Confidence Challenge is all about this.

Watch the video below for more guidance, and then keep reading for today’s exercise! (You might notice the wonderful birds singing in the background. I didn’t want to remove these noises since they’re singing just for us 😉 )

Practice now

In order to feel inspired and be creative, you have to feel good.
And when you feel good, you immediately start to feel more confident.
And confidence is exactly what you need in every single creative or innovative project.

Today’s exercise is to take a small right action toward how you want to feel! Here’s how to do it:

  • Ask yourself: “How do I want to feel?
    Try to be very clear about this. Picture yourself having an amazing day at work. Picture yourself taking wonderful steps in the project that you’re working on and feel the wonderful energy and emotions that come with this. This is your goal. But this is also how you can choose to feel right now.
  • Think about the bigger picture.
    Little setbacks can slow you down and influence your mood.
    Whenever a setback hits you today, choose to think about the bigger picture. Choose to think about how you want to feel and try to make the shift to get back into this feeling.
    No matter what happened in the past or what will happen in the future, you know what you’re working towards and you choose to feel good, right now.
  • Enjoy this moment.
    Whatever you’re doing, whether you’re commuting to work or drinking a cup of coffee, enjoy this very moment. Enjoy your trip to work. Enjoy the traffic lights that turn green right before your eyes. Enjoy the fact that your bike or car is working fine and that the tires are full of air. Enjoy the sounds around you or the simple fact that it’s not raining. Maybe you can even see the sun?
    Every moment is special if you choose to make it special.

If you want, write down all of your experiences and insights in a notebook.
This might help you to make the shift to feeling good and treating yourself well easier in the future.

As you stay committed to your positive feelings, you’ll raise your energetic vibration and begin to experience the energy of the Universe supporting you.
This will help you to gain the confidence you need to work on groundbreaking projects and ideas.