Day 3



Yesterday you’ve worked on the way you treat yourself because this influences everything you do. You’ve also visualised your the ideal state of how you want to feel.

Today we will pay a little bit more attention to setbacks and how to deal with them, since setbacks can really influence your mood and – because of this – also the projects you’re working on.

In the video below I will share the Yabadabadooo technique with you.
Because every setback – big or small – is an opportunity to learn.

Practice now

Your exercise for today is to find Yabadabadooo moments.
Find them? You might think.
Yes, Find them! Or maybe I should say; notice them.

In our daily lives we have little setbacks every day.
Setbacks surprise us on moments that we really can’t use them.
And because of this surprise effect we get absorbed in them.
To prevent this from happening, you can train yourself to notice them and to think Yabadabadooo instantly.


Focus on the things you can influence at this very moment.
As soon as you hear yourself say or think Yabadabadooo, you can also train yourself to think about the things you can change at this very moment.

This is ESPECIALLY useful for setbacks or mistakes during a process of creation. Sometimes things just take a bit harder than expected, or collaborations aren’t going as planned, or the materials you use are just not the right materials, or…

Yeah, that sucks.
But hey, Yabadabadooo!

What can you change at this very moment so you can learn from it and get stronger because of it?

We are learning from every single moment.
Everything that happens to you is an opportunity to learn.
The more you experience and learn, the better you will get.

And don’t get me wrong; I’m definitely not thinking too lightly about stress or burn-outs (I’ve experienced from up close what it’s like) but to think Yabadabadoo really helps me to find positive point of view in every situation.

Feel the power of all your experiences and how this shapes you in a positive way.
You and your project will get stronger and more confident because of them.

Today, make the conscious choice to live in the present moment and don’t worry about the possible consequences of setbacks.
I can assure you that this influences your mood and your entire project.

This might not always be easy but I can tell you (based on my own experience 😉 ) that you can learn it.

Tomorrow I will tell you more about seeing things as they really are, not as you want them to be. Magical insights for you as creator and innovator.

But for now:

Good luck!