Day 5

In emptiness new ideas will arise


Welcome to day 5 of this challenge!

Today we’re going to talk about meditation.
One of the most important aspects of Buddhism is meditation.

I asked one of the monks why it is important to meditate according to buddhist principles.

Watch the video below for the answer, and then keep reading for today’s exercise!

Practice now

The Abbot at the monastery literally said:
“Meditation is the airconditioning for the heart.”

Meditation is taking a moment to empty the mind.
To relax.
To feel your body and to connect with your body.
To stop thinking and accept things just as they are. Right now.

While creating something new, we all tend to overthink things once in a while.
You want to plan ahead.
You want things to be perfect in your head before you can start making.
You want the ideal solution to your problem RIGHT NOW.
But let’s face it; forcing this doesn’t work. Overthinking things also doesn’t work.
On the contrary.

In emptiness new ideas will arise.
Take a few moments to allow your mind to be empty.
You can do this at home, while taking a break or even while walking to the supermarket.

I taught myself to take a break each time I feel stuck in a process.
Each time I need a confidence boost.
This can be over 8 times a day!
You can’t force creativity or new ideas. But you can try to cater them…

To help you with this, I’ve created a short meditation-exercise.
You can do this exercise behind your desk, while taking a short walk (maybe a long one since it’s Saturday, please don’t close your eyes ;-)) or you can go to the toilet and take some alone time there.

The short meditation below will guide you.


Meditation for boosting Creative Confidence

by Emmy van Thiel


Of course you can also use your moment of meditation to just simply breathe and empty your mind. Do whatever feels good to you at this very moment.

To me, the line between letting my thoughts wander and emptying my mind can be a bit blurry.
The most important thing is to let go of all overthinking.
To accept things as they are and to be at peace.
Your subconscious mind will do the rest.

Tomorrow I will share a beautiful lesson I got when it comes to finding the right balance.
But for today; Helloooo new ideas!