Day 6

How can I be more relaxed?


Whohoooo it’s already day 6 of the Creative Confidence Challenge!

Today we’re going to talk about balance.
This lesson might actually be my most favourite one.

Watch the video below for the answer (and say hi to my friend 🐝) and then keep reading for today’s exercise!

Practice now

If you try to be relaxed too hard, you will get more tense.

Holding onto things is KILLING for creative projects.

The longer you hold onto something that doesn’t work the way you want it to, the more Creative Confidence you’ll loose.
The more time you’ll put into forcing this thing to work, the more time (and energy) you’ll loose for the rest of the project.

And the more you’ll force it to work, the less you’re open for other possibilities.
Possibilities that have been there all along.
That might be exactly what you need.
Just waiting for you to see them and to pick them up.

Today’s exercise might sound too easy but is a super effective one.
We will work on finding the right balance.

whenever you feel stuck or out of flow, ask yourself:
• How much effort am I putting into holding onto this?
• Is this the only way to do this or can I open myself up for other possibilities?
• What else can I do to achieve more balance? Take a cup of tea maybe? Or a break?

And as a bonus:
• Is the tension in my body caused by me holding onto something too much?
Can I relax more by just being present in this very moment by breathing in and out?

If you don’t reach this moment of getting out of flow (YAY for you!!) set some timers to gently force yourself to think about this anyway so you can get an extra boost.

Being conscious about the amount of effort that you punt into holding on to something – whether this is the dream you want to realise, a problem you have to solve or the deadline you’re tensed about – can already help you to let go and become more relaxed.

Often we put more effort into holding onto things than what is necessary.
And this costs you a lot of your valuable energy.
Energy that you can also use to make new connections and to create things. Energy that you can use for enjoying the life you’re living right now.

And this good energy is also your fuel for acquiring more Creative Confidence!

Tomorrow is the last day of our challenge. You may be a little nervous about what happens when we’re done. Maybe you’re thinking, “How will I keep this going?”

Have no fear, I’ve got a plan for you based on a beautiful last lesson from the Thai monks.