‘Multiplication’ for innovating the spirit level


The first spirit level was invented in 1661.
It took hundreds of years to innovate it, while the way it’s innovated looks (and is) super simple.

In four years, this simple innovation tripled the revenue of Kapro (the company who is responsible for this innovation).


But why did it take so long to make this simple, groundbreaking innovation?
And what did they do to get the idea?
I’ll tell you in this video.

(This video is one of the bonus videos from the ‘design thinking in 1 day’ course)

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The #1 reason why businesses don’t grow is because most of us are scared to take the next step.

There are so many people who lose a lot of valuable time on doubting and not daring to take action.

Who think back of the past ten years and think;

? What the f*ck did I do with my time?
? Why am I still doing the same thing?
? Why am I still not as successful as I deserve to be (while others around me did become more successful)?

Do you really want to be one of those people?

There are so many ideas with great potential going to waste,
So many businesses failing because we don’t dare to innovate products and services.

If you want to grow, you have to take action.
Nobody else is going to do it for you.

Don’t be one of those people who stop growing, who don’t live life to the fullest, who reflect on their life in 10, 20 maybe 40 years and regret that they didn’t take action.

Innovation is not a talent.
It’s a mindset.

The first 7 subscribers will receive a free one-on-one coachcall with me

Normal price €2441. Today only €67

About 4 years ago, I decided to take action and to apply Design Thinking to boost my services and my business.

Now I’m able to travel the world and do the work I love the most – at the same time; Teaching design thinking and innovation.

Over the years, one thing became crystal clear to me;

The main obstacle to innovation is that our heads are so full of things we have to do that we don’t take time to work on our business.

That’s exactly why I designed the Design Thinking in 1 day course.

Believe me, innovation doesn’t have to take a lot of time.

I will tell you how it works, while you van directly apply it to your specific business.

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And as soon as you know how it works, you can easily apply your mindset of innovation to everything you do.

This new mindset actually creates time for you.

Others about this course

Over the years I’ve had the pleasure to teach Design Thinking and innovation to many great people. I’m proud of all of them for the brave steps they took and the way they grew their businesses. One of them Charlotte. She made a short video for you about this course.

This course helped me to break through my predetermined limits and expectations of a project, through interpretation and reinterpretation. Combining different techniques yields surprising and groundbreaking results.

Revati Patil

Normally I find it difficult to escape the brainstorm phase but in a short amount of time, Emmy helped me
to make well considered choices
out of many ideas. With great results.

Rita Spithoff

I chose to follow this Design Thinking course because I wanted to have more grip on innovative thinking. Now I know how to apply it in my OWN way. If you know how to open your eyes and approach things differently, creative solutions can be found everywhere.

Kaisy Zheng

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how this will boost your business to grow,

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Full ‘Design Thinking in 1 day’ course + Masterclass + Coaching

Normal price €2441. Today only €67

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