Creativity is not a talent. It’s a mindset.

Feb 26, 2020 | 0 comments

Creativity is not a way of thinking, it’s a way of being.

Of being capable to see new chances in the ordinary.

Of being capable to connect existing things to each other in order to create something new.

“Creativity thinks up new things. Innovation does new things.”

This is what Harvard professor Theodore Levitt once stated.

In other words, Creativity lies at the heart of innovation.

Creativity is not only the act of painting, dancing or playing an instrument. As a creative you train yourself to see things in another way. You are able to come up with new creative ideas and apply it to the project you’re working on now. You can start to innovate and grow your business in in ways you barely dare to dream about.

The moment you discover what it is truly like to have a mindset of creation, doors will open and new opportunities will arise.

Creativity is like a muscle, it gets stronger and better developed when you train it, use it and challenge yourself on a regular basis.

That’s why you’ll discover that as soon as you’re on a roll, in a flow and know what you’re capable of, you can apply it to so many aspects of your daily life – not only while painting, or working on a DIY project. But also while working on your business, while writing texts or social media posts, while cooking, etc. And it doesn’t necessarily require loads of your valuable time to become more creative. Nor is creativity only reserved for ‘small’ projects. Every aspect of you life can be enriched with a hint of creativity when you have a creative mindset.

The nice thing is that everybody is a creative genius deep inside. That’s the way we are born. But how often do you still use creativity in your everyday life? Wouldn’t it be useful if you can consciously inject creative thinking into the projects you’re working on? I’m not the first one who writes about the massive impact more creativity and innovation can have on projects and companies.

The odd thing is however, that in our society we pretend creativity is only for the lucky few. Inventors, innovators and creators win awards and are placed on pedestals. And don’t get me wrong, I think this is well-deserved recognition and motivation for the creator and a nice way of attracting attention to new concepts & innovations, BUT it also makes people believe that creativity is a rare form of being and that there are only a few true innovators in this world. In my opinion that’s not only a pity; it’s also an odd approach and a waste of so much talent.

Creativity doesn’t require rare gifts or skills. Creativity depends on what you believe you can do with the talents and skills that you already have. And you can continue developing and building those skills and talents by using the techniques described in this book, especially developed to stimulate creative thinking, a brilliant start towards innovation and Design Thinking.

Yes, this is the introduction of my Ebook. Now fully updated and expanded with 2 new chapters. You can download it now for free via this link.


This book is amazing!! To me the topics are very recognizable. This is a positive, constructive and uplifting book. It’s educational and it contains many useful tips. It’s well written and an easy read. Hats off to Emmy.
(Annemieke Diepeveen, Owner Optical Agency)

This Ebook reveals 9 ways to grow through design thinking today. Embrace your inner creative powers and become more confident and innovative while applying my to-the-point methods.

Hope it serves you well!

Big hug,



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