Morning routines

Jul 31, 2019

What does your morning routine look like?

The way you start your morning has a major impact on the rest of your day.

A good mornign routine doesn’t only influence how you feel during the day, but it also influences the ideas you get and the quality of these ideas.

A lot of research has been done about morning morning routines the past couple of years. This resulted in many tips and tricks – google it and you’ll find dozens of tips in a few minutes.

A common tip, for example, is to make your bed immediately as soon as you get bent out of bed. It feels good and gives your subconscious mind a boost because of the simple reason that you’ll start your day with a task which is finished in no-time.
But to be very honest with you; I forget about this myself every time again…

Of course, the ideal morning routine is different for everyone.

The most important questions you can ask yourself are:

  • What can I do to start my day in a positive way?
  • How can I fuel myself for a productive day? A day where I will be able to create new things and to face all challenging projects yet to come?

My golden tip?

The first hour of my day is all about self-love and investing in myself

To give you an insight in my morning routine:

  • I wake op at 6:33
  • After I get out of bed, I immediately take a short shower and I wash myself with my favourite soap. This is a pampering moment I give to myself.
  • Then the magic really begins; I meditate for 20-30 minutes.
    Every day based on a different subject or focus. By doing so, I can fully connect to my body and ‘sharpen’ my mind.
  • After this meditation, I give myself 30 minutes to read a book
    Not a novel but a book containing a subject or point of view that I’m curious about. My brain – and yours probably as well – is very active in the morning so I memorise a lot AND I can apply the thing I read during the day
  • After this, I take some time to choose my outfit for the day and to match it with the right makeup (this is the first creative challenge of the day ;-))
  • I end my routine with a delicious breakfast with lots of fruit.

In total this takes me around 1,5 hours (sometimes 2 when I have a bigger breakfast with my partner).

Now I can hear you think; 2 hours in the morning?! I need to be at work in time!

Yes, 2 hours 🙂 This means 2 hours of self-love and investing in myself and my relationship in the morning.
This also means that I don’t take my breakfast and shower time for granted. Instead I consciously include it into my morning routine.

Over a year ago, I started waking up 45 minutes earlier in order to do all of this.

t took me some time to fully commit to this.
I mean, it’s very tempting to hit the snooze button and get some more sleep.
But after a while I found out that I actually gain so much energy from this 1-2 hours of investing in myself!

A good start of the day gives positive vibes and enough fuel for the day to come, and this you can use well for the (creative) challenges you will face today.

Now that you know mine, I’m curious to hear more about your morning routine!
What is your golden tip?
Share it in the comments and we’ll learn from each other! 👇


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