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Renew yourself

Oct 28, 2019 | 0 comments

In this third and last video of the series, I talk to the famous YouTube hairstylist Theo Knoop about how he renews himself every single day.

He cuts 6, often even 7 days a week because of his passion for hairstyling. This means that he makes around 80 unique hairstyles every single week! Yet he still finds ways of to renew himself.

Theo is a real artist. I’ve known him for around 20 years and since then he is always cutting and coloring my hair.

While I was a model for one of his latest YouTube video’s (so he’s cutting my hair at the time of the interview) I asked him some questions about his ways of working that lead him to success.

This last video also includes the full – and colorful – end result!



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