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Jan 10, 2020 | 0 comments

The past couple of weeks I’ve been receiving really nice messages from all of you curious innovators and creators who would like to see what my Chinese students did EXACTLY.

This is why I’ve asked them to explain a bit about their projects and about their achievements. They also shared some sketches and insights into the design process. Se here we go!

The coming 3 posts include details, struggles and lessons and of course the wonderful results that my Chinese students have produced! In my previous blog post you can see a lot of nice GIFs to give you an impression of the exhibition we made. (haven’t seen it yet? You can still see it here).

The first work I would like to share with you is work made by Li Yi and Cheng Bin.

During their 6 week course they’ve challenged themselves to create not only a poster (which was the original assignment) but also costumes and a true Bauhaus inspired performance.

“Our main Bauhaus inspiration are the costumes for the work “three ballets” designed by Oscar Schlemmer. We wanted to combine Schlemmer’s works with new media to create real and intuitive experiences of Bauhaus.”

Do you reckon they have succeeded? You can see the end result at the end of this blog post. Let me know what you think in the comments!

“During this course, we have learned a lot. The design process is a process of continuous trying and changing. In the beginning we didn’t know where to start and got a bit scared of possible failure. Emmy helped us to take small steps and to just start. As soon as we got rid of our fears for failure and dived into this process of trying, we really started to enjoy it. Of course, there were some difficulties and not everything went according to plan (we did not have enough materials, the projector wasn’t strong enough for our idea, our performance needed some modifying) but as soon as we reflected on the difficulties we faced, we felt that these difficulties made our project and ourselves feel stronger.”

Have you read the last sentence?

The design process did not only make their project stronger but it also made THEM FEEL MORE CONFIDENT. This is the magical key to success if you ask me.

CREATIVE CONFIDENCE. Of course we can all be a little bit insecure sometimes, especially when we dive into a new (creative) adventure. But as long as you stop yourself from getting overwhelmed by the possibilities and just take one step at a time, you will be able to conquer your fears and maybe even surprise yourself with your achievements.
Just take one step at the time based on the things you know you CAN do and on the experiences you already have. This gives you confidence during the start of your project. And with a good start you can boost yourself and your project.

Feel free to share your experiences with this below and inspire others while doing so. And again, I would also love to hear your thoughts on this project – I will share this with my Chinese students again! 🙂


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