Online challenge
28.01 – 03.02  2020

More about this challenge

Hi, I’m Emmy van Thiel, Dutch Designer and Internationally renowned teacher in Design, Design Thinking and Innovation.

During my stay in a Thai Buddhist Monestary I’ve made some grand shifts in my mindset – this does not only have an influence on my life but it also influences all the projects I will work on in the future.
Super useful tools that I’ve also made available for you.

This free challenge will empower you to:
✓ Stop overthinking
✓ See things as they really are
✓ Become more productive and alive
✓ Experience less stress

Do you not have a creative profession? The tools I hand you during this challenge will empower you to become more confident and less stressed in the work you love doing most.


What does the challenge look like?

Every day at 6 am (hello early risers ;-)) I will send you an email with a short video and a practical tool. You can watch the video and apply the tool in your own time.

How much time does this challenge require?

After watching the short video you can start applying the tool during the day, whenever you see fit. It wil not feel like you spend a lot of time but the result will be tremendous.

Why do you give all these tools for free?

My goal is to empower you to become the most innovative person you know. The monks in Thailand taught me to give generously and to help others as much as I can. This is exactly the reason why I want to share my videos and biggest insights with you for free during this challenge. 

I don’t have a creative profession. How can this challenge help me?

Based on routines, no new ideas will arise. Innovation starts with being able to think out-of-the-box and by making creative loops. For this, you need confidence. The tools I hand you during this challenge will empower you to gain more creative confidence and become less stressed in the work you love doing most.

Online challenge

28.01 – 03.02  2020