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Stop dreaming

Start creating growth



The following is exclusive for dare devils. For the ambitious few who want to boost their business and their life.

Do you recognise this…

You want to start or grow your business and you want to make the difference in your OWN way. But you don’t know where to start.

Time is always an issue. You simply lack the time to work on your business, to chase your dreams and grow to your fullest potential.
You’re done waiting for the right moment. Life is simply too short for waiting.

You work like crazy but at the end of the month you don’t have much left. No energy and no money to hire someone to help you to give you ideas on how to start or grow your business.

You’ve tried things in the past but it didn’t work out the way you hoped it to be. Of course you’ve learned from your mistakes but it also caused a dip in your confidence (even though you didn’t share this with others yet)

Your environment is also not really supportive. You want to dream big and just start making it work, but they continually raise doubts. This in turn makes you doubt again. “Shall I go for it or just play it safe?”

What would your life be like if…

✔ You step into your confidence and show the world who you really are while doing the thing you love most?

✔ You know how to take conscious steps in growing your business while helping others with the wonderful work you do.

✔ You become more creative, more productive and more alive and inspire your friends and family by doing so. Everyone around you will feel your inspirational energy. You become a magnet for inspiration.

✔ The more people you reach, the more impact you’ll get, the more money you can make and the more freedom you will have.

✔ But in order to do this you’ll need to give your ideas and your business a boost and a strong foundation.

Actually there is only one option left: CREATE YOUR OWN GROWTH

You started your own business because you longed for freedom


Freedom to work whenever and wherever you want. Every day while doing the work you love most.

But you also feel the pressure of so many people around you who try to do similar things.

And you know you need to be creative and innovative in order to make the difference.

Not only for yourself but also for all the people you want to help.

But how can you do this?

You’ll learn exactly this in the super practical Masterclass for Innovation!

In as little as 1,5 hours you’ll learn tricks and techniques to boost your business in an authentic and unique way. You will create a strong foundation based on the essentials of design thinking and create more confidence while doing so.

Special Offer

For this Masterclass you will not pay $147 but only $9.97

This offer is only valid for 30 minutes. After these 30 minutes the offer will be gone forever.

This offer is NOT for everyone.


You’re not alone. During this masterclass I’ll guide you and hand you the tools you need so you will start CREATING.
No design experience needed.


Fully online. Whenever and wherever you want to watch it. Over and over again. To conquer your writers block or while on a holiday. It’s your choice.


Thanks to this Masterclass you will start CREATING. Because you know how to. You’ll possess the right tools and the right mindset so you can create the life you’ve always dreamt about and differentiate yourself from others.

After this masterclass you will have:

To-the-point tools to grow your business in an authentic way

A life-changing boost of confidence to create the business and the life you want

Enough inspiration and examples to just GO FOR IT TODAY

✔ Insights and ideas on how to use your creative- and innovative powers in your specific business or profession

✔ A loving kick-in-the-ass to awake your inner innovator

✔ Everyone is creative. You just need to know how. Let me help you.

Creativiy and Innovation: the 21st Century Skills


What makes Tony Chocolonely one of the most successful brands in The Netherlands? (While their chocolate is MORE expensive than the average?)

And how did a vision and consistent storytelling lead a 16 year old entrepreneur to run a million dollar company?

And Emmy, how do you manage to travel so often and you do the work you love doing most while you where so young when you started? I will tell you how I achieved this and why this was not difficult. It has something to do with one creative idea 😉

Only 1,5 hours will change your life drastically.

You’ll get into that action mode.

You’ll get inspired while using the mindset of an innovator.

You will get an enormous confidence boost to JUST DO IT. Today is the first step you take into successfully boosting your business.
After today there is no turning back.

Are you ready for real results?

Sign up for the Innovation Masterclass for an absolute mini investment.
No $147 but only $9.97

This offer is only available on this page and will be gone after 30 minutes

Other innovators about my courses

It’s practical due to the easy steps Emmy provides. She also gives you lots of tips and tricks you didn’t think of which makes me think out of the box even more than I already do. Thanks Emmy!

Charlotte Roels

Normally I find it difficult to escape the brainstorm phase but in a short amount of time, Emmy helped me
to make well considered choices
out of many ideas. With great results.

Rita Spithoff

Working with Emmy is always a pleasure! She gives me amazing ideas and actions on how to use them. Thank you very much 🙏

Marja Sterenborg

Emmy taught me a lot in little time. I have learned to develop my wildest ideas and make them work. But also how I can find a balance between work & ‘play’ and how I can overcome my fears in order to increase my efficiency. This gives me exactly the boost I need during my professional career!

Chen Li Wei

I chose to follow Emmy’s course because I wanted to have more grip on innovative thinking. Now I know how to apply it in my OWN way. If you know how to open your eyes and approach things differently, creative solutions can be found everywhere.

Kaisy Zheng

Emmy’s course helped me to break through my predetermined limits and expectations of a project, through interpretation and reinterpretation. Combining different techniques yields surprising and groundbreaking results.

Revalit Patil

Meet Emmy

As a designer, creativity is part of my everyday life.

About 4 years ago realised that I could use my design skills not only IN my business but also ON my business.

While teaching a wonderful group of students in China design thinking and innovation skills I suddenly got a flash of insight; what would happen if I use my creative tools to GROW my business.

I listened to my gut feeling. Now I’m able to travel the world and do the work I love the most: creative empowerment worldwide.

Over the years, one thing became crystal clear to me; The main obstacles to innovation are a lack of creative confidence and time.

That’s exactly why I designed the 1,5 hour Innovation Masterclass.

Believe me, innovation doesn’t have to take a lot of time.

This is NOT a quick fix. I will tell you how it works, while you van directly apply it to your specific business.

No Design or Innovation experience needed.

And as soon as you know how it works, you can easily apply your mindset of innovation to everything you do.

This new mindset actually creates time for you.

Your investment


In as little as 1,5 hours I will give you teach you about change-makers and innovators as well as the techniques they use to run a successful business. At the same time this 1,5 hours is a real confidence booster.


The invisible gold. I advise you to be 100% focused while watching this Masterclass, to take notes and to participate in the exercises. The thing you focus on most will grow…


Right now you will pay only $9,97. This is a super small investment earned back in no time because you will boost your business today.


Can I use this for my specific profession?

Creativity & Innovation is a 21st Century Skill. The reason? We need creative and innovative thinking EVERYWHERE in order to grow businesses, to help the world we live in and, (in the future) differentiate ourselves from computers that will take over most jobs. We need it now more than ever.

I’ve had innovators working on improving healthcare, redesigning French language classes for high school, redesigning their product or service. I’ve even had someone who started writing and illustrating novels to let children play outside more.

Creativity and innovation are the new superpowers and will become more and more important in the future in every aspect of your life and in every job.

I'm not very creative (any more). Do I need any prior knowledge?

As Steve Jobs said; “Creativity is just connecting thinngs” Let’s not make it more complicated than that.

Everybody has the ability to create and execute new ideas. You just need to know how. That’s why I introduce you to the most important aspects of Design Thinking.

During this practical Masterclass (which includes to-the-point exercises) I will guide you to take some powerful steps. No design experience needed.

How can I create time for this?

All I ask from you is to give up one evening of Netflix and watch this Masterclass instead (still from you favourite spot on the couch). I promise you it will be fun and 100% worth it!

Just one single evening. After tonight there is no turning back 😉

I have a full week. Until when is this master class available for me?

If you buy it now, you prove that you’re ready to take the next step. As a reward, I will give you life-time access to this Innovation Masterclass.

Still in doubt?

That’s possible. It’s again another investment (a super small one that will pay itself back in no-time, but still). So you want to know for sure that it’s useful, right?

Question: Can I immediately start?
Yes. As soon as the payment is finished, you will be granted life-time access. Just click & go.

This simple?
Yes. My mission is to train more innovative thinkers worldwide, so they can make a difference in this world. We need our creative powers more than ever to stand out in the field and (in the future) of computers. And above all we should use our knowledge to contribute to a better world.

I want to make it as accessible as possible for you so you can make the difference in your OWN way. Therefore I’ve designed this masterclass in a super accessible way. You just have to take action now.

Now or never?
Yes. Because honestly, how long have you been feeling that you’re meant for much more? How long have those ideas already been in your head without knowing where to start?

For too long, probably. So it’s now or never. On the countdown timer you can see how much time you have left to sign up. After this, this offer is expired forever and you’ve simply missed it.

Limited time offer. Limited amount of places.

Imagine how this will influence your income,

how this will boost your business to grow,

and it’s earned back in no time – multiplied even.

Did your each this point?

Stop scrolling and make a choice!

Sign up for this life-changing Online Masterclass or continue creating a free life yourself while your business grows. It’s all good. Either way, it is important that you make a conscious choice. Simply because you always have a choice.

Nothing is impossible.
The word itself says “I’m possible”

Boost your creative confidence and become the person you’re meant to be

Normal price $147. Today only $9,97

Only for real entrepeneurs who dare to think big and want grow their business.