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Hi, I’m Emmy, Dutch Designer and international teacher in Design Thinking and innovation.

Here’s how I can help:

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In deze mini-training leer je om gefundeerde keuzes te maken uit al je mooie ideeën en hoe je je creatieve flow behoudt door laser focus op een manier die goed voelt voor joù.

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Do you lack the time to innovate your product or business?

Do you want to learn how to use your unique knowledge and powers for innovation?


The past couple of years I’ve made my wildest dreams come true. Not just by working hard for many hours, but by consciously designing and applying methods to break free of conventions and to actively think out-of-the-box.
At the same time, I grew my creative confidence exponentially. The key is Design Thinking.

Innovation is effortless with the right mindset and the right methods.

Discover how design thinking can boost your business and your life and join our movement of innovators

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you might know that I swap the Netherlands and China every few months because I have a crystal clear mission:

Design thinking has to be the new standard, all over the world.
I want to train more innovative thinkers worldwide, so they can make a difference in this world. At the moment, the development of creative and design thinking is not stimulated very much at most schools and universities all over the world.
Isn’t this weird?

We need our creative powers more than ever to stand out in the field and (in the future) of computers. but above all to contribute to a better world.

Welcome to the Academy for Innovation & Creativity!

I chose to follow this Design Thinking course because I wanted to have more grip on innovative thinking. Now I know how to apply it in my OWN way. If you know how to open your eyes and approach things differently, creative solutions can be found everywhere. Thanks to Emmy, I can now apply it even in the smallest things in life.

Kaisy Zheng

This course helped me to break through my predetermined limits and expectations of a project, through interpretation and reinterpretation. Combining different techniques yields surprising and groundbreaking results.

Revati Patil

Emmy taught me a lot in little time. I have learned to develop my wildest ideas and make them work. But also how I can find a balance between work & ‘play’ and how I can overcome my fears in order to increase my efficiency. This gives me exactly the boost I need during my professional career!

Chen Li Wei

You gain confidence in yourself and your abilities to innovate,

You become a super attractive and inspiring magnet for your environment,

People naturally want to learn from you,

Your can change your life with your new creative mindset.

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The past couple of years we've had the pleasure to help various companies and individuals with our expertise. Big and small organizations. Established companies and start-ups. Our clients include:


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"Become the most innovative person you know"